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by Stuart (stuarttw)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.13
Submitted: 2013-11-05 01:15:15
Updated: 2013-11-05 01:16:28
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Make it dubstep please.

I'll do it! If you're looking out for dubstep sounds, use the decimator effect (I did a tutorial on it a couple of days ago) :)Posted by: Abludo on 2013-11-05 17:16:37
What is a decimator effect?Posted by: stuarttw on 2013-11-05 17:35:45
I don't get this, so i've added the decimator effect, but all i hear is a buzzing sound. Is that because my computor's being weird? Or do i have to change the sample rate? How do you change the sample rate?Posted by: stuarttw on 2013-11-05 19:14:46