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by miguel (Alejandro)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.15
Submitted: 2013-12-23 02:07:49
Updated: 2013-12-23 02:07:49
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Ok, this is a Trance/Eurodance song I had lot of fun doing. It was like going back to when I made my first songs hehe. Of course, this time I've learned some tricks so it's better than those! haha so well, tell me what you think about it after you hear it and enjoy.

hahaha Thanks!Posted by: Alejandro on 2013-12-23 14:45:37
Love it, man!Posted by: theguitarplayer on 2013-12-23 17:14:16
Thanks to all of you! merry x'mas to you!Posted by: Alejandro on 2013-12-24 17:08:47
cool! well done ;)Posted by: boulder on 2014-01-05 20:49:13