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by Jindrich Mynarz (xtal)
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Submitted: 2009-03-28 17:35:54
Updated: 2009-03-28 17:35:54
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Electronic dance music seems to be the easiest to produce in LMMS. Same thing with FL Studio. But maybe it's my misconception. ;-)

How do you guys make those things?
Amazing!Posted by: jeroen on 2009-03-29 12:55:35
What "things" do you have on mind? :)Posted by: xtal on 2009-03-30 09:47:11
very good indeed!!! think i will have to start uploading my tunes too!!!!!!! im having bad latency problems(ubuntu 8.10 no rt-kernel) but i will work on this!!! Posted by: nu2lmms on 2009-04-10 22:40:59