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by Adrian (ADS4BEAST4)
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Submitted: 2014-01-02 07:16:07
Updated: 2014-01-02 07:16:07
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Name: Do Santos Sound- Something Else Remix 2012 Orchestrated.mmpz Download

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been very active lately, I just got my laptop repaired so I'll be producing more again. This song is a short orchestrated cover of my other song, 'Something Else Remix'. I made it 2012 but I figured I might as well upload something now that I'm back, so enjoy :D

The reason the original song is called a 'remix' (referring to 'Something Else Remix') is because it's...well... a remix... of the first song I ever made which I haven't uploaded and don't plan to anytime soon, which is just called 'Something Else'. So there you go what a fun fact wow

I see you put the arpeggio time at 100 ms that's diffrnt from tempo 100 bpm, so it overlaps. But, the melody and chords sound good together so not a bad song. Posted by: theguitarplayer on 2014-01-02 21:44:09
put arp at 25 ms and you get really cool soundPosted by: theguitarplayer on 2014-01-02 21:46:25