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by Tom H (thomasso)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.3
Submitted: 2009-04-12 04:49:27
Updated: 2009-04-12 04:49:27
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Rating:    4
Name: Thomassos_Apex_in_C.mmpz Download

The Thomasso Apex in C (2009)

You need LMMS 0.4.3 with all the addons, i.e., the ZynAddSubFX, both the LADSPA & CALF affects packs, which you can get from your favourite repository. If you are using Ubuntu, then having all these wonderful goodies should be a snap.

About the music.

I was tired of the mish-mash of techno and trance music that seems to be predominant with programs like LMMS. I wanted to create something that would appeal to a different genre of music, so I worked on this piece. Actuality working with LMMS really made writing this very easy and quick! I hope that you enjoy it, and become inspired, maybe creating your own classical masterpiece.

Tom H.
Fort Langley, BC

Excellent. I've been making classical pieces myself, but your work surpasses mine by far. Keep it up!Posted by: mcmillanje on 2009-05-12 20:40:47
Wow, I didn't know that you can do this with zynaddsubfx. 5 stars!

If I knew anything about music but the pentatonic scale, then I would also try to make a classical piece. Posted by: alf42red on 2009-06-27 16:47:01