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by Adrian (Spade)
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Submitted: 2014-02-03 19:55:00
Updated: 2014-02-03 19:55:00
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Howdy all! I haven't been on in a really long time, but I have something new for all of you!

You know that epic supersaw sound that Seven Lions has and we all want? Well I have just the thing for you! Triple Oscillator Presets! There are Three of them, Check out my profile for the other two. Oh you want a sample? Well here:

At the drop, that supersaw is the exact preset you'll be getting.

Use Octaves! Make your basic progression using the first layer, then take the bottom notes of your chords and copy them down two octaves lower. Copy that entire MIDI over to the second layer, and for the sub just do the bass notes around the C4 area.


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