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by Adrian (Spade)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.15
Submitted: 2014-02-03 20:09:51
Updated: 2014-02-03 20:09:51
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Rating:    20
Name: The Supersaw.mmpz Download

This isn't so much of a song as it is a project file showcasing the supersaw presets that I posted earlier. Read the Project notes, and share your ideas!

Not sure if you will ever read this but, it there any way to make the sub bass not clip when it's sidechained. Is there another way to make a sub bass that won't clip when it's volume is changed rapidly?Posted by: Squatro on 2014-02-21 16:38:36
Yes, you could add a fast lookahead limiter to the sub, or add it to a different channel and simply turn it down.Posted by: Spade on 2014-04-07 18:27:27
That's so sad...

Posted by: Squatro on 2014-04-16 10:15:55
I like this, you certainly know music theory :)Posted by: roy38 on 2014-10-09 21:41:10
Nice!Posted by: Catz on 2018-04-02 20:16:50