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by The Lost Soldier (55korb)
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LMMS Version: 1.0.3
Submitted: 2014-08-06 03:51:04
Updated: 2014-08-06 03:51:04
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Name: Tranquility- New facts.mmpz Download

My first legit metal song i hope you like. BTW there is a message for yall in the notes pad in the software so take a look at it.

Note: No copying this will probably be my last song as school starts in the next couple of weeks and i've gotta get ready. The next song i'll be releasing will be called Tranquility- Final Departure

I recognize the part at bar 17 from another song. That's it, isn't it?Posted by: theguitarplayer on 2014-08-06 13:00:41
Keep lookingPosted by: 55korb on 2014-08-06 19:14:40
bar 22. it's the theme song to "Looking For A Case of Crown Royal Buried In The Alaskan Tundra" if I am not too mistaken.Posted by: verkaro on 2014-08-16 15:03:15
Bar 121-148 is the song ive chose its from the Eyes trilogy old song from 2013Posted by: 55korb on 2014-08-17 21:22:02