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by Jere (Jernemiez)
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License: Creative Commons (by-nc-sa)
LMMS Version: 1.0.93
Submitted: 2014-09-17 19:13:40
Updated: 2014-09-17 19:13:40
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Rating:    15
Name: Tavern theme.mmpz Download

Eh. A jazz tune I made for NGAUC 2014. It's a chill jazzy tune that reminds me of an inn or a tavern (hence the name).

This time around I rushed the LMMSization, so things may be a little off in the project file. It sounded a bit lo-fi or midi-ish :p But as always, I'll provide the original version rendered:

Everything I originally used is listed in their descriptions.

Please do report any problems. I made this LMMSization with the 1.1.0rc4, and I really hope it's backwards compatible.

So good! It felt like playing a rpg.Posted by: Mastermind on 2014-09-17 21:53:50
Solid composition, and the rendered version sounds much better indeed ;). Sweet tune, good music for a game. Thanks for sharing!Posted by: Fastigium on 2014-09-18 17:02:03
Nice. Great melody, love this.Posted by: roy38 on 2014-10-23 09:53:05