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by Fastigium
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 1.0.3
Submitted: 2014-10-15 17:49:10
Updated: 2014-10-15 17:49:10
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Rating:    8
Name: Fastigium - Lonely Space Station.mmpz Download

This track was inspired by playing BIT.TRIP RUNNER (which has awesome music, though I can't get past the first world cuz it's so hard :P). Every sound you hear is reduced to 8 bits, 8000 Hz. I'm pretty happy with the result, which is why it's also released on Soundcloud:

As always, comments & remixes most welcome! Feel free to use any sound or melody you hear in your own projects. Thanks for listening!

Made with LMMS 1.0.3 on Win7 x64


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