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by unfa
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Submitted: 2014-10-24 18:28:09
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I've finally got some free time to make a tune.


Listen and download from Soundcloud:

Okay my results were partly borrowed, mostly hacked and the result not entirely fitting. Still, thanks for the inspiration.

The Undulating Crown
(a 1st draft)

Amid the crowd, a sidewalk passerby
this lame bird moves his feet to fly
where the young soon grow old between
the buildings, signs, and stands of magazines.
Alive, mysteriously alive and moving
with no place to go.

Homeless, sitting, his back to the wall
shut-eyed, smile-less, in the midst of it all
I paused to look if dead or just dreaming
and saw each hair of his head was teaming
Alive, mysteriously alive and moving
with no place to go. Watch them go.

Pretty girl don't look at me
Can no one else here see what I see?
Each grey strand. Alive.

Once again I hear the noisy street
and drift off somewhere for a bite to eat
Between the newborn and dying, laughter and crying
Alive. Mysteriously alive.Posted by: verkaro on 2014-10-26 18:17:40
I feel an urge to record these lyrics to this track :D Nice work, man!Posted by: unfa on 2014-10-28 21:28:02