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by Gordon (theguitarplayer)
Size: 51 KB
License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2015-04-14 17:20:13
Updated: 2015-04-14 17:23:43
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Rating:    12
Name: Progressive House.mmpz Download


Oh, and there seems to be a glitch. If it doesn't play at first, click around in the middle of the song and then restart it.

Used Josh (Second Flight) preset

Yep, it is glitchy. Nice song :)Posted by: Tanner on 2015-04-14 17:56:21
Thanks!Posted by: theguitarplayer on 2015-04-14 20:13:24
Add a sidechain compressor to the master. It sounds awesomePosted by: 63Garth63 on 2015-04-15 21:24:25
Good begining but it seem uncomplete . cheersPosted by: poulac on 2015-04-22 11:05:25
hats sounds very dry and very simple. improve reverPosted by: Stanley on 2015-04-24 03:00:20
reverberationPosted by: Stanley on 2015-04-25 00:03:35