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by Michael Brand (mikezn)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2015-05-03 15:32:35
Updated: 2015-05-03 16:41:18
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Name: Fake Side Chaining (Long Attack Times).mmpz Download

A demo of how playing around with amp envelope attack times (in this case the 3xOSC) can create interesting fake side chaining, pumping effects. What happens is the attack time determines how long the synth will take to reach its maximum volume from 0. So if its a really fast attack time (the angle of the first line in the visualized envelope is very vertical) the synth will be at its maximum volume really quickly (and maybe not even noticeable to the human ear). In this example, the long attack time (the angle of the first line is sloping) means you can hear the synth rising to its maximum level (albeit it is only like half a second). SO, having multiple notes play consecutively after one another on the 4/4 beat gives it a lovely pumping sound wrapping around the kick.

E.G. in this project:
1. Open any of the TripleOscillators (they all have a similar attack setting)
2. Navigate to the "ENV/LFO" tab (this will by default open the amp... volume... envelope)
3. Notice how the angle of the first line of the visualized envelope is slanted, illustrating it will take a while to rise to its max level.
4. Change the attack of all the oscillators right down and notice how they will kick in immediately (although it does sound quite cool as well)

This is from a song I was working on ages ago and is not finished but go wild an use this as you wish. Just let me know if you do... I would love to hear what people can do with this.

Love, life and rave!

Cool. When done right, it's hard to tell the difference between this method and real side chain methods.Posted by: caLRo on 2015-05-03 15:44:17
Nice example but how do we add a wallpaper to that piano roll cause I can't stand that ugly design ? Can we make it look more like the FL Studio piano roll somehow ? I need a piano roll that also shows the key lanes in the background image. Note grid highlights and no high contrast colors ? Posted by: UglinessInTheUI on 2015-05-03 16:00:29
@caLRo, for sure. Every synth, plugin, effect with envelopes will behave differently so it's not necessarily golden rule. But in this case it works well :)Posted by: mikezn on 2015-05-03 16:10:06
@UglinessInTheUI, thanks. I love the simplicity of the 3xOSC in general! RE the piano roll... I'm not the greatest fan of the look of it, but I still do quite like it. And it's super simple. I don't have anything to do with the development of LMMS but I suggest proposing your idea here on the official platform:

You'll have to create a login to do it.

Create some mockups of how you imagine it as well. That also help.
Posted by: mikezn on 2015-05-03 16:18:17