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by Daniel (dandidlyoe)
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Submitted: 2015-08-11 23:26:46
Updated: 2015-09-17 12:12:21
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REMIXES ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally came up with this in 40 minutes... The voice at the bottom is supposed to be someone singing (once I get someone to sing) Hope you guys like it, and thanks for downloading! Follow me on SoundCloud: Dandidlyoe! and on YouTube: Daniel Perez (just look up this song and you will probably find me, don't forget to put LMMS after it while typing though) IF ANYONE WOULD BE INTERESTED IN SINGING FOR THIS PLEASE SEND ME A SOUND FILE OF JUST YOUR VOICE (OF COURSE IN TUNE AND IN RHYTHM...)


Thanks! And also I'll post a link to the lyrics in the description. :D Any feedback is appreciated!Posted by: dandidlyoe on 2015-08-16 00:13:27
Piano is a tad loudPosted by: 63Garth63 on 2015-08-16 02:30:46
@63Garth63 Which piano are you talking about?Posted by: dandidlyoe on 2015-08-17 19:47:13
I think he means the piano that starts up around the 1 minute markPosted by: Themightybean321 on 2015-09-18 17:03:17
sounds good!Posted by: Aryn-iNF on 2015-09-20 00:11:49