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by Shakabo (shashikant.bohat)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2015-09-27 11:37:33
Updated: 2015-09-27 11:37:33
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Rating:    18
Name: SKB_imissyou.mmpz Download


I miss you all. :D
I hope Tanner, H2O, Saber, Gordon, Hani, Aatro and my other friends are still alive. :D
Keep smiling. :D stay safe happy and healthy. :)
And yes, feel free to use or mix this project.

Shaka ^^

what happened to this place xDPosted by: TRoniX on 2015-09-27 11:44:50
welcome back Shashi for 1 week vacation :}
this what you call : a little spark after many hard work most of them to be rejected :{

Cool project , a little correction for the bass instrument_set the key from G to A_,Posted by: Hashhakaj on 2015-09-27 14:02:03
Where's Gordon!? NOOOO!!!Posted by: 63Garth63 on 2015-10-02 04:20:08