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by Ṁ€|_ØĐ€Ṁ₪Ň (Bhavs)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2015-10-02 04:37:24
Updated: 2015-10-02 04:37:24
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Name: She loves, but not you.mmpz Download

The song gave me the feeling you get when you fancy someone and you find out they have a crush on someone else.... It's a little sad but took time in the making so pls download it, rate it to reward my hard-work... It's also on SoundCloud..

Increase the decay on the piano to give more meaning to it in the song. Good jobPosted by: 63Garth63 on 2015-10-02 08:46:17
I think the piano perfectly set the mood the way it is, rating this 5 starsPosted by: kLik_kLak_dubs on 2015-10-06 04:51:37
Thx for the advicePosted by: Bhavs on 2015-12-24 23:54:15
Thank you so much, kLik kLak, btw we're friends on SoundCloud, MELODEMON...Posted by: Bhavs on 2015-12-24 23:54:57