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by Phat Varlet (Varlet Phat)
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Submitted: 2015-11-09 04:51:27
Updated: 2015-11-09 04:51:27
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Name: From Single Bass to Apreggio Bass.mmpz Download

if you know piano roll, you have the DAW world at your fingertips, ie - you can quickly adapt to any DAW.
in this file I have opened piano roll on my bass by right clicking on my bass first square instead of left clicking on it...I have used the same bass for both bass sets.
please left click on both the bass 0 and the bass 1 to open piano roll and look & play ;-)
if the bass itself sounds a bit shit, it's because I've spent minimal time on it as that is not the object of this tutorial.
bass 1 has multiple lines (x3) of altered note lengths of bass.
bass 0 is a simple single line linear bass.
mess about with it dragging the note lengths longer and shorter, deleting and creating new ones....
the world of DAW, (Digital Audio Workstation) is at your fingertips :-)
I won't go much into altering the sound as much as to say the basics are A attack, (drives into the note for a woom woooom sound or a ptt ptt sound when at its lowest on the dial.D, decay I think destructs the note, (not necessarily a bad thing sometimes).R, reverb is similar to an echo, the more reverb, the more woomwoomwoom type sound whilst S, sustain is self explanatory.
all tutorials are on youtube anyway for every DAW but I wanted to put shitty bass forward :-D

Piano Roll......!!!

you can also use your drums, (kicks, hit hats, snares ect... in piano roll the same as basses, pads ect.
mess with the sounds :-)
Posted by: Varlet Phat on 2015-11-09 04:53:24