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by ArcKloud (Arckloud)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2015-11-28 23:38:30
Updated: 2015-11-28 23:38:30
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Rating:    16
Name: Recoil Remix Prev..mmpz Download

Here is the preview of a chillstep? remix of my old song, Recoil.

Dude! Really nice job!!! Could you possibly make an extended version? It would be really awesome!!!Posted by: AlienHunter114 on 2015-11-29 17:52:30
I just made an extended version of this with a calmer ending, if I use this in an animation, ill have a link in the description to this page, hope you enjoy the animation when its created!!Posted by: AlienHunter114 on 2015-11-29 21:59:30
Oh come on, this is just a preview! I'm working on the full-length song...Posted by: Arckloud on 2015-11-30 09:03:13
The soundcloud song name is actually Recoil Remix Preview. Just somehow it's not updating.Posted by: Arckloud on 2015-12-01 09:24:16