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by Cyanomixer (someguy126)
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License: No Rights Reserved (CC0)
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2016-01-15 09:14:02
Updated: 2020-07-04 22:22:49
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Name: Cyanomixer - Libere Vive.mmpz Download

Chillout music? "Libere Vive" is Latin for "Live Freely".

To play this song properly, you will need the Hydrogen sounds at < >. Download them to a subfolder called "drumkits" of your LMMS working directory (in your settings).

The motivation behind this song: In response to the ads for Windows 10 that were coming out, someone made an awesome ad for Linux parodying them...

...On a Mac.

Linux ad (Reddit post):
Windows 10 ad (there were quite a few in the same style):

Of course, that's a bit ironic, so I wondered if I could make an ad for Linux, on Linux, using free and open-source software. This is part of that effort.

The general refrain I had in mind was "Live Freely" based on the "Li" in "Linux", similar to how the Windows 10 ads had the "Do" refrain based on the "do" in "Windows". Hence the title of this song.

But since my animation skills are virtually nonexistent, I knew my visuals couldn't compare. So, I am releasing this song into the public domain (CC0: ) so that someone else can pick it up. I would like to see someone use free and open-source software to make it, but that's just a preference.

Of course, I made this song with LMMS and sounds from Hydrogen, both of which are free and open-source.


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