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by Travis (Snarf)
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LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2016-02-12 14:09:29
Updated: 2016-02-12 14:09:29
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A random song I made

Pretty nice, love the transitions. Crazy project here. Good work.Posted by: J.A.R. on 2016-02-12 14:14:32
Very good work.Posted by: bieltoni on 2016-02-12 15:09:59
Nice one, though I think it's more about the chiptune-ish elements than it is about the drums. Would sound nice as a video game soundtrack.Posted by: highon on 2016-02-13 01:18:52
amazing!Posted by: L00LD00D on 2019-09-08 15:42:38