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by Tom (Abludo)
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LMMS Version: 1.1.0
Submitted: 2016-04-17 19:45:15
Updated: 2016-04-17 20:01:44
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Name: Fastigium - City at Night [Abludo Remix] (Week 15).mmpz Download

Hey there everyone!

Recently, from judging the Best of LMMS competition vol. 3, I particularly liked Fastigium's "City at Night" and decided to remix it. :)

I use LMMS all the time, but with external samples I recorded myself. This week for my weekly beats I decided to go all native to be like the original. Go find the original here!:

This song certainly wouldn't play fluently on my PC cos it used up all of the cpu, so I apologise if you have the same problems (it's a lot more crazy and jumbled than the original!) If it isn't working for you, here's a soundcloud link:

I want to thank Fastigium for this wonderful song and I hope he and all the other winners of BoL v3 can inspire you all :)

i prefer the original, it seems like you have done too much adding more instruments, like you trying to hard to please.
good effort Posted by: lgbt on 2016-04-21 20:29:27
Thanks for the comment! I'm not trying to please anyone but myself: I love making music, and instead of uploading a rearranged version of the original I decided to do my own thing to it. I appreciate your attitude but I'm gonna stick to being creative and original, thanks :)Posted by: Abludo on 2016-04-22 21:15:57