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by Nameth on Spotify (GnarlyJr)
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LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2016-07-22 23:39:44
Updated: 2016-07-22 23:39:44
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Forgive me.

Sorry ! I'm just making small loops for fun! but how the heck am I supposed to use a limiter?Posted by: GnarlyJr on 2016-07-23 17:01:02
if you open a new project and look at the fx mixer
Then click where it says "add effect"
Then a list will appear with the standard lmms plugins
type in imiter and look for the "ladspa fast lookahead limiter"
this limiter is used by many, you can play around with the dials to get an effect that you want. :)Posted by: roy38 on 2016-07-23 21:06:13
please study music thoery and jar lmms user he knows hip hopPosted by: lgbt on 2016-07-24 21:41:40
Thank you roy!Posted by: GnarlyJr on 2016-07-24 22:35:54
Pretty descent pianoPosted by: whammyeight on 2016-07-24 22:43:02