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by Ranjan Khanal (R younker)
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2016-08-14 05:33:14
Updated: 2016-08-14 05:33:14
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Name: R younker - Go.mmpz Download

it's on going project so anyone can countinue and here in link is my audio name now and then

my man R Younker :)Posted by: roy38 on 2016-08-14 17:17:45
do not remix roy you make the song bad please no remixPosted by: lgbt on 2016-08-18 21:44:14
lgbt hahaha seems like ur unhappy of roy remixPosted by: R younker on 2016-08-19 06:04:27
he does not know music thoery r younker just listen to his music you can see even peter f knowsPosted by: lgbt on 2016-08-20 18:28:09