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by DjTheixo (Mistertrufa)
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Submitted: 2011-01-18 03:35:46
Updated: 2011-01-18 03:35:46
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Una pieza rockera probando sonidos, que comenzo como todos improvisando. Colocar algunas notas y hacerlas sonar para conseguir un resultado parecido a una canciĆ³n.

A piece rock sound testing, which began as all improvised. Place some notes and play them to get a result similar to a song.

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Thats pretty good.Posted by: Fiona on 2011-01-18 12:42:43
Thanks for the comentPosted by: Mistertrufa on 2011-01-22 00:31:57
Posted by: Mistertrufa on 2011-02-19 00:24:53