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by Ryszard Zrybnicki (rysiek)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2016-11-07 17:46:49
Updated: 2016-11-07 19:10:53
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Rating:    18
Name: Demotivated Legacy Application Programmer.mmpz Download

Project based partially (bass+drum) on loop from
StartUp from Gab (GnarlyJr)
It has some kind of grunge and retro chip sound feeling.

Hey! You are epic! If you want to make more projects based on my melodies, then feel free to do them. It's a pleasure to know that people actually like my music :)Posted by: GnarlyJr on 2016-11-07 21:36:17
good music!Posted by: lgbt on 2016-11-08 16:46:41
thanks.Posted by: rysiek on 2016-11-08 17:15:23