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by Jack (zc9091)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2016-12-23 00:31:26
Updated: 2016-12-23 00:31:26
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Rating:    105
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Just stopPosted by: Texxiliator on 2016-12-23 02:06:26
Did you just take my song???Posted by: NJ on 2016-12-23 05:45:57
The date shows that you unload yours after mine. Meaning you copied minesPosted by: NJ on 2016-12-23 05:47:12
Take your project offPosted by: NJ on 2016-12-23 06:09:48
wait let me rephrase that... Take my fucking project off... this is not your project... Posted by: NJ on 2016-12-23 06:12:01
People jack did not make this project I did. He just changed the project name.Posted by: NJ on 2016-12-23 11:05:47
This IS MY project I fucking hate these people who pretend that my project itheras!!Posted by: zc9091 on 2016-12-23 21:00:20
I am not and will not take this project down and theres nothing you can do about itPosted by: zc9091 on 2016-12-23 21:03:00
@zc9091 this is NJ's project it is not hard to tell that his version was uploaded first when you uploaded this project you ticked the box that said 'Does not violate any existing copyright, law or trademark' this IS a violation of the terms :(Posted by: Zappp66000 Music on 2016-12-23 21:11:08
you guys argue about music that is rubbish no good music who caresPosted by: lgbt on 2016-12-24 03:24:52
Igbt I don't see you make good shit either in fact you don't even upload anything so don't call me rubbish until you can prove that you can do better.
Posted by: NJ on 2016-12-24 08:41:20
Why just we all open a thread and ask for a "Report" button on the platform.. My music gets copied, his music gets copied, her music gets copied, everybody's music getting copied!!!!!Posted by: jaysarma987 on 2016-12-25 02:50:37
zc9091, I will find you, and I will edit you, I'll misplace your limbs with your *beep*Posted by: jaysarma987 on 2016-12-25 02:51:34
Who the eck is that song owning to?Posted by: acemil on 2016-12-25 13:25:20
MePosted by: NJ on 2016-12-25 18:02:07